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Work Package 1

MONPLAS is a large network of beneficiaries, partners and ESRs, and so a well-designed hierarchical based management structure and set of procedures have been defined to enable effective and therefore successful operation of the project. The Management Team will be led by the Project Coordinator (PC) (Dr Hill, Aston) and with a deputy (Prof Russom, KTH).

MONPLAS will appoint at Aston a Project Manager (PM) and Project Administrator (PA), responsible for overall management of the multinational project to support smooth communication, efficient/timely operation, collaboration and general operation across all of the participants and Project Supervisory Board (PSB).


Dr Hill is currently a Marie Curie COFUND fellow at AIPT and he has experience of managing four EC collaborative projects and of working in Universities, SMEs and Industrial companies in the UK, France, Spain and Sweden.

Dr Russom, who has worked closely with Dr Hill in two of those projects, deputising on occasion, also has experience in managing EC projects.

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