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Severn Trent Water Ltd

Severn Trent Water is one of the largest 10 regulated water and waste water businesses in England and Wales.


We have 6,500 employees based across 120 office locations and 1500+ operational sites and they provide clean water and wastewater removal to over 8.1 million customers in the heart of the UK. We are funded entirely by revenue from these customers. ​


We provide 1.8 billion litres of drinking water per day thought a network of 49,000 km of pipework and take away wastewater from 4.5m homes and business and are responsible for 94,000 km of sewers.


Role and Commitment of key persons

(including supervisors)

Richard Smith – Innovation Architect


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Resource recovery and Innovation Centre:Waste water Innovation test facility used to trial and develop novel waste water technologies


Microbiology Innovation Lab:Potable water microbiology laboratory, with facilities for trialling and development novel clean water laboratory analytical techniques


Previous and Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

Severn Trent Water a national leader in research - industry collaboration with a long history of project and strategic relationships with the UK’s top academic and research establishments. Severn Trent also works with university and research establishment form around the world; and has been involved in several projects funded by the European Union. Severn Trent Water also collaborate with the water industry internationally via forums, including the World Water Innovation Fund.


Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

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