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Shimadzu Europa GmbH

Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of market segments such as Food, Beverages and Agriculture; Pharmaceutical; Clinical; Environmental; Chemical, Petrochemical, Biofuel and Energy, Plastics and Rubber. Our high-level, sophisticated product range includes GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, AAS, ICP-OES and other. Our offer is rounded by Datamanagement and Software systems


Role and Commitment of key persons

(including supervisors)

Relevant for the MONPLAS project are:

W.Weber, Product manager, GCMS

U.Potyka, Product Specialist, PY-GCMS

S.Kräher, Head of CIPS department


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Headquarter in Duisburg, subsidiaries or distributors in the whole EU area, all the standard analytical equipment is available.


Previous and current involvement in Research and Training Programmes

“PY-Screener”, Analyzer for RoSH certification

Development “Dioxin Analyzer”

Analysis packages for Environmental (“Environmental Analyzer”)

A lot of other by the cooperation of our Innovation Centre with key Partners


Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

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