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ESR 11 - Luca Maurizi

Luca Maurizi was born in Narni (Italy) in 1994. In 2016 he received his B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Chemistry with honour from Universita´degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" (Italy). In 2018 he received his M.Sc. Degree in Clinical, Forensic and Sport Chemistry with honour and special mention from Universita´degli Studi di Torino (Italy).

His Master Thesis focused on study of the main reactions leading to porous reduced graphene oxide, a rather novel material produced by thermal activation of graphene oxide when in presence of alkali. Characterization of this material showed the possibility of tuning its pores sizes, also for potential production of membranes for water treatment. He conducted most of his research work at the Department of Chemistry and Bioscience of Aalborg University (Denmark). This work has been recently published in Nanomaterials.


The following year he worked as laboratory technician in the drinking
water section of Milan province aqueduct handler (Italy), where he could deepen his knowledge about national and European legislation in the field of drinking waters and distribution systems; he also had the possibility to specialize in drinking waters analyses.

In 2020 he was appointed PhD Fellow at the Build Environment Department of Aalborg University in the framework of the MONPLAS project. His research aims to develop new analytical methodologies for micro- and nanoplastics identification and quantification in drinking waters, so to study their degree of diffusion in relation with common distribution networks.


Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)