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Bruker Optik GmbH


The main areas of Bruker Optik’s activities are developing, manufacturing and marketing of analytical and research equipment. Staff of more than 90 persons is involved explicitly in developing instrumentation and products, which are manufactured at the same site for worldwide distribution.  For more than 40 years Bruker Optik concentrates its efforts in optical (infrared) spectroscopy by developing Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR), FT-Raman and FT-near infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometers as well as accessories for these instruments. Bruker Optik's spectrometers are used in research institutions and industry all over the world for a variety of different applications ranging from analyzing endogenous influence of gases in the atmosphere to scientific research up to quality control in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry


Role and Commitment of key persons

(including supervisors)

Prof. Roland Harig, head of research and development at Bruker Optik – PS of ESR 5 (10%).

Dr. Stephan Lüttjohann, Bruker Optik researcher, SS of ESR 5 (20%)


Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

Application laboratories with FT-IR and Raman spectrometers imaging and non-imaging, chemical laboratory, local research and development facilities equipped with all systems necessary to simulate, develop and investigate optical spectrometers and microscopes


Status of  Research premises

Research premises owned by the beneficiary and independent from other beneficiaries and/or partner organisations in the consortium.


Previous Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

PHOIBE: External cavity QCL based spectroscopic analysis for the detection of biological matter in drinking water (BMBF, Germany)

IRLSENS, Infrared laser based sensor system for monitoring of drinking water (BMBF, Germany)

HORATIO: High resolution terahertz-sensor system for detection of toxic gases (BMBF, Germany)

MONACO: Investigation of carbon dioxide emitted from natural well as well as from storage sites (BMBF Germany)

HYGAS: Hyperspectral system for remote sensing of gases (BMBF, Germany)


Current Involvement in Research and Training Programmes

Bruker Optik has completed the project PHOIBE in December 2018 and is currently not involved in  publicly funded research programmes.


Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

Products: FT-IR and Raman spectrometers and microscopes used by researchers worldwide.


•  Infrarot-Laser basierendes faseroptisches Sensorsystem zur Trinkwasserüberwachung (IRLSENS) : Teilvorhaben: Konzeption des Gesamtsystems sowie Aufbau des Funktionsmusters ; BMBF Verbundprojekt ; Schlussbericht, Simon, Arno / Germer, Markus | DataCite | 2013

• Hepp, C, Lüttjohann, Stephan, Roggenbuck, A, Deninger, Anselm, Nellen, Simon, Göbel, Thorsten, Jorger, M, Harig, Roland. (2016). A cw-terahertz gas analysis system with ppm detection limits. 1-2. 10.1109/IRMMW-THz.2016.7758344.

•  Samer Sabbah, Roland Harig, Peter Rusch, Jens Eichmann, Axel Keens, Joern-Hinnrich Gerhard: "Remote sensing of gases by hyperspectral imaging: system performance and measurements", Optical Engineering 51(11), 111717 (Jul 16, 2012), doi:10.1117/1.OE.51.11.111717

• R. Harig, A. Keens, P. Rusch, J. Gerhard, S. Sabbah: "Hyperspectral sensor for analysis of gases in the atmosphere (HYGAS)", SPIE 7695, 76950B, 2010.

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